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The intruder was largely apathetic and meaningless, but a cheerful performance by Dennis Quaid managed to give the film a pulse that evoked the stereotype, an extraordinary thriller, became something that could be observed. When successful young couples. Annie and Scott (Megan Good and Michael Eiley) buy dream homes, magnificent wooden structures in the silence of the Napa Valley. They believe that they have found the perfect home to take the next step as a family.

It costs $ 3.5 million, but the current owner Charlie (Dennis Quaid – with a shot of deer right in front of them) likes them. So the price drops to $ 3.3 and drops the rug from his deceased wife. Annie and Scott were excited, but when Charlie woke up on the grass a few days after moving and working hard to be a part of his life. They realized he was hiding the motive behind fast sellin. The Intruder is an American psychological thriller from 2019, performed by Deon Taylor and written by David Lowery. The film plays Michael Ellie and Megan Good as a couple who bought a house in the country. The previous owner (Denis Quaid) did not let him go. It released on May 3, 2019 in the US by Sony Pictures Release.

Movie Details:
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery.
Directors: Deon Taylor
Writers: David Loughery.
Stars: Meagan Good, Dennis Quaid, Michael Ealy, Joseph Sikora, Alvina August, Debs Howard etc.
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Language: English.
Release Date: 3 May 2019 (USA) .

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